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Shoeless Man in Puriscal

Puriscal Melon Vendor

Puriscal Cigar Factory Man

Puriscal People in Street

Puriscal Shoe Store Man

Puriscal Pura Vida Man

House Mural Art in Puriscal

Transparent Shell Insect

Yellow Flower Litter at Rio Viejo

Yellow Flowering Tree at Rio Viejo

Red Sky Sunset Moon

Ant Lions

Fragrant Plumeria

Bird Nest Construction

Colorful Sunset Puriscal

Rio Viejo in the Dry Season in Puriscal

Summer Time Waterfall View at Rio Viejo

Giant Grasshopper Mating

Fancy Fountain Feature in Rio Viejo

Puriscal Valley with Flowering Trees

Calendula Flower

Rio Viejo from Our Property in Puriscal

Plant Leaf Texture

Orchid in Bloom near Kitchen

Pretty Property View

The Forest

Water Apple Flowers