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Butterfly to Brighten the Day

Dewy Caterpillar

Beauty Butterfly in Puriscal

Rio Viejo Cascades and Buddha Head Rock

Whale Rock in Rio Viejo

Gorge Color at Rio Viejo

Moss Covered Gorge Wall, Rio Viejo

Unusual Moth in Puriscal

Top of the Rock Gorge in Rio Viejo

Maraca Flowers in Puriscal

Northern Ghost Bat Video

Hexagon Eye Butterfly

Northern Ghost Bats in Puriscal

Plant Life at Drinking Spring

Northern Ghost Bat

Large Tropical Spider

Patch of Yellow Rock

Hidden Flower Beauty

Rock Gorge at Rio Viejo, Costa Rica

Butterfly Cluster


First Morning Rays

Saturday Wild Plantain Flower

Ants with carcass

Basket Stinkhorn Fungus