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Norfolk Island Pine

Armored Insect

Reflection in Rio Viejo Water

Rainy Season Buddha Head in Rio Viejo

Rays of Light on Rio Viejo, Puriscal

Praying Mantis Egg Sack

Bad Tree Pruning

Puriscal Recycling and Potholes

Cars Along the Way


Modern Buildings in Escazu

Lovely Roadside Views

Trip to Escazu and Storm Damage

Yellow Fuzzy Caterpillar

Vultures and Tayra in Puriscal

White Tropical Flower

Orange Berries in Puriscal

Caterpillar on Okra Plant in Puriscal

Rainy Season Rio Viejo in Puriscal

Tropical Storm Nate

Hummingbird Trapped

Splash of Blue Butterfly

Rio Coco Falls in Puriscal

Peace Flower

Butterfly Face

Puriscal Dog Attacks