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Moonset Sunday Morning

Calathea Crotalifera – Rattlesnake Plant


Edge of the River Trees at Rio Viejo

Trail View in Puriscal

Chili Plant

Bee Pollinium

Puriscal Man Fixing Fence

Puriscal Real Estate

Puriscal Woman

Puriscal Men

Puriscal View and Chicharron Dogs

Selfie Stick Gummy Bear in Puriscal

Puriscal Hieroglyph

Neutral Colored Butterfly

Brugmansia New Moon

Butterfly Love

Tree Bark Art Plants

Volunteer Cat

Fungus Flower

Butterfly Season

Puriscal Food Cart Vendor

Puriscal Men on Street Corner

Graffiti in Puriscal

Coconut Water in Puriscal

Puriscal Fruit Vendor

Climate Change Puriscal

Banco Nacional Puriscal


Caracara and Vulture