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House Plants in the Wild

Northern Raccoon

Another Glorious Costa Rica Sunset

Trees and Vines

Girl Time Property Walk

Merry Christmas Costa Rican Style

Poroporo Flowers

White River Rocks - Rio Viejo

Coarse Sand Insect Nest

Double Beauty - Waterfall and Gorge at Rio Viejo, Puriscal

Yellow Orchid

Fuzzy Hairdo Caterpillar

Things Change - Rio Viejo

Bug Meeting

Transitional Puriscal Sunset

Spiny Spider

Waterfall in Rio Viejo, Puriscal

Long Nose Lantern Fly

Roaming Bovine



Fur Covered Coffin in Puriscal


Fig Tree

Butterfly Metamorphosis Complete

Evening Rainbow

New Swimming Hole - Rio Viejo

Big Rocks - Rio Viejo

Air Potato

Puriscal Tropical Dry Forest

Grateful for Flowers

Golden Chrysalis

Sunday Morning at Rio Viejo

Morning Sun in the Gorge - Rio Viejo

Purple Porterweed in Puriscal

Neighboring Bulls

Look Out Spot - Rio Viejo

Purple Flower off Cliff

Roxy the Interior Decorator

Morning Harvest

River Treasure

The Lone Guapinol Tree

A Change of Scenery in Colorado and Washington