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Black Soldier Fly Larvae and Chicken Coop

Sunrise and chicken paddock progress

Chicken area work continues

Vivero Remodel into Chicken Paddocks

The Forest Garden

Furniture is here!

Attempting to make coconut oil

Reverse Sunset and River Walk

Buddha Head Rock in Rio Viejo

Falcon in the House

Walk to Waterfall at Rio Viejo, Puriscal

Roxy to the Dentist

More Stray Dogs - Part 2

More Stray Dogs

7.6 Earthquake in Costa Rica

More Fungus Found in Puriscal

Birth of Mushrooms



I'm back

Moving In and Moving On

New Kitchen

Not moved in yet, Dog and Puppies

Day of Agriculture in San Rafael, House Construction Update

The Shack is Gone!

Garden Enclosed, Pest Problems, Forest Garden, House Construction