I'm back

Puriscal moonrise
It’s been a while since I blogged. We’ve had company for the past two months so free time has been spent with them or in the garden. Last week John and I met with a furniture maker in Sarchi and commissioned him to make some solid wood pieces for our new house. We’re starting off with a bed, night stands and dining room table. After those are delivered then we will begin the search for living room furniture. We’re pretty much settled into our new house. I think I’ve memorized what switches all of the lights go to. Roxy and Spencer seem to like their new surroundings. Spencer’s long chain gives him access to both the front and back of the house. Roxy has bitten a few people that came to the gate and Spencer looks frightening when required.

I’m spending several hours, most days, in the new garden area on the hill side. The ground cover is beginning to do its job and many of the tree seeds I planted are growing. My main objective is to eliminate all of the grass in this area. The several hours a day I spend working is mostly pulling grass seedlings. Yesterday I bought a noni tree and a fig tree which I will plant in this area. In a few years some of the many fruit trees we have planted since moving onto the property should start to bear fruit. It’s a huge relief to have the house complete. Now we slowly begin to change gears into the never ending maintenance and upkeep.