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Orange and Blue Fungus in Puriscal

August 2018 Sunrise

August Full Moon

Blending Color Sunset

Amusing Things at Stores in Puriscal

Grass Seed Insect

Tropical Grasshopper

Praying Mantis

Coconut Tree Abstract

Little Summer River at Rio Viejo in Costa Rica

Rock Color River Scene at Rio Viejo, Puriscal

Yellow Rock and Leaf - Rio Viejo in Puriscal

Green Gorge Walls of Rio Viejo

Nature Rock Art in Puriscal

Rio Viejo Gorge Rock Art

Coconut Palm Fiber

Unusual Tree Bark Art

The Scream - Tree Bark Art

Jungle Gem

Spencer and Kitty Update

Crescent Moonrise over Puriscal

Minimal Puriscal Sunrise

Puriscal People

Puriscal People - Holding Signs

Puriscal People - Busy Sidewalk

Puriscal Street - Bench Man

Praking Lot View from Maxi Pali

Puriscal People at Maxi Pali