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Puriscal Sapo

Puriscal Centro Street Photography

Puriscal Cigar Factory

Poró Tree Trunk

Laughing Falcon - Guaco

Pink Plumeria

Long Hair Caterpillar

Puriscal Valley Rainbow

Golden Orb-Spider

Nearby Favorite View

Gorge Visit - Rio Viejo

Rainbow Graced the Sky

Orange-billed Sparrow

Fungus in Puriscal

Tuesday's Puriscal Sunset

Triangle River Rock

Gorge Reflections Video from Rio Viejo

Moth and Eggs

Sunset Layered with Trees

Blue Sky Moonset

Baby Bromeliads

Jasmine Flowers in Puriscal

Bromeliads on Tree Branches

Puriscal Moonset

Striped Cuckoo Song

Leopard Print Moth

Epiphyte Cactus