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Waterfall Rocks at Rio Viejo, Puriscal

Vegetation and Rio Viejo in Puriscal

Iguana Eating Flowers

Roble Flowers

Half and Half View from Trail on the Property

White-fronted Parrot in Poroporo Tree

White-fronted Parrot

White-fronted Parrots in Puriscal

Down River Walk - Rio Viejo

Frangipani Flowers this Year

Black Circle Reflections in Rio Coco

Owl Pellet

Panorama View from the Patio


Cicada Explosion

Strenuous Hike to the Top

Bird Nest

Yellow Flowering Tree

Orange Spring in Rock Wall, Rio Viejo

Large Yellow Caterpillar in Puriscal

Coconut Palm Flowers

Violaceous Trogon

Laurel Tree Flowers

Green Stick Bug

Cascades in Rio Viejo, Puriscal

Subtle Beauty of Flowering Trees