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Inchworm in Puriscal

Tree Love

Laughing Falcon with Snake

Brain Fungus

Tropical Paradise Flowers

Vulture Surveying Valley

Orange Tropical Flowers

Chachalaca Eating Neem Seeds

Big Spring Area Leads to Rio Viejo

Golden Orchid Flowers in Puriscal

Monkeys at the Spring

Rio Viejo Through a Gorge

Green, Yellow and Orange Rock Art


Orange Flowering Shrub in Puriscal

Inca Dove Babies

Meeting of the Minds

Maraca Flowers Bloom

Walk with Spencer

Yellow Moth's Mating

Grasshopper Molt

Glasswinged Butterfly

Curious Dog in Puriscal

Puriscal Centro Casa

Puriscal Dirt Bike Police

Little Dog in Puriscal

Puriscal Sporting Goods Store Mural

Puriscal Cigar Factory - Woman Waiting