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Master Builders - Wasps

River Reflection Colors in Rio Viejo

Cicada Molt

Red Flowering Tree

Bare-throated Tiger Heron Shakes

Deep in the Property Valley View

Walk with Spencer

Textured Rocks on Gorge Walls of Rio Viejo

Rio Viejo, Trees and Blue Sky in Puriscal

First Coconut

Bare-throated Tiger Heron

Feel Good Sunrise

Rio Viejo and Blue Sky in Puriscal

Wind - ICM Photo

Yellow Orchid Flowers in Puriscal

Rio Viejo and Rio Coco in Puriscal

Splash of Tropical Color

Tree Bark Art Wasp Nest

White Flowering Tree Valley View

Nature Weave Tree and Rock

Crested Caracara with Black Vultures

Rock Burger at Rio Viejo

Splash of Color Near Garden

Big Rust Rock in Rio Viejo

Tropical Scenery at Rio Viejo

Tree Life

Moon Color in Puriscal

Wake of Vultures