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Puriscal Pet Store Dog

Nissan Miler Truck in Puriscal

Lizard Love

Heliconia in Puriscal

Spiky Chrysalis

Valley Sunrise Puriscal

Final Blue Moth Photo

Blue Moth with Butterfly

Curves in Rio Viejo, Puriscal

Blue Moth in Costa Rica

Yellow-spotted Tropical Night Lizard

Ray of Light Sunrise Puriscal

Hiking Buddy

Sunrise Burst with Moon

Rainy Season Rivers Converge

Lantern Fly Nymph - Fulgora Laternaria

Orange Spiky Caterpillar

Raging Rio Coco from Above

Green Orchid Bee

Burgundy Stripe Tropical Flower

Squash Flower

Magnificent Sunrise in Puriscal

Blue Butterfly on Tree

Puriscal Chemical Man

Winners Recycling Project in Puriscal

Puriscal Gourd Man

Dog Roaming in Puriscal

Old Car in Santiago de Puriscal

Puriscal Road Work

Peace Flower in Puriscal