Winners Recycling Project in Puriscal

Winners Recycling Project
Winners Recycling Project. This is on the parking garage of the grocery store.  The Cerbatana school must have won an award for recycling in 2015. I'm happy to see projects like this aimed at the youth. I have read there is a push to educate the young about caring for the earth. Costa Rica didn't establish a country wide waste management/recycling system along with the onset of consumerism many decades ago. It's common for garbage to be thrown wherever it's convenient, along the road, in the river, in a vacant lot or even on your neighbor's property. Many communities don't have a garbage collection service so they either bury, burn or toss it out of their sight. We are fortunate to have garbage pick up at our house. We separate out the glass, metal and plastic and deliver to the recycling facility just out of town.