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Puriscal Horse Rider

Pig Feed Pickup in Puriscal

Empty Bottle Man in Puriscal

Puriscal Bank Dog


Butterfly Puriscal Beauty

Buddha Head Formation in Rio Viejo

Crab and Fish in Rio Viejo

Rio Viejo Rock Face Gorge

Butterfly Season 2017

Blister Beetle

Dogs in Puriscal

Paths Cross in Puriscal

Bicyclists in Puriscal

Puriscal Bus Station

Puriscal Tire Shop

Puriscal Man Waiting

Puriscal Park Corner

Yellow Tree Flowers at Rio Viejo, Puriscal

Moon Rising over Puriscal Valley

Small Grasshoppers

Magical Yellow Flowers - Rio Viejo

Papaya Tree Trunk

Flower Color Found at the River

More Yellow River Flowers - Rio Viejo

Leaf Color

Iguana Gate

Yellow River Flowers - Rio Viejo

Bird Nest Home