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Did you know the world's most venomous spider lives in Costa Rica?

The small spider on a gardenia flower is to soften what follows... My eyes were drawn to a collard plant during a morning survey of the garden. Nestled between the leaves was a large spider eating a giant grasshopper. The spider's extremely plump body is what caught my attention. It's body was about two inches long and if the legs were stretched out it would add several inches. I checked on the spider a few hours later and it was still there, draining nutrients from the grasshopper. I didn't think much of it during the following days, other than to be careful knowing it was probably tucked away somewhere in the collard plant.  Almost every morning I pick up leaves the collard plant drops because it's infected with a bacterial disease. Friday morning I found a few leaves on the ground and on one I saw a large, white circular object. Upon closer inspection I found the big spider next to an enormous egg sac. Her body was no longer plump. I was a little sad for the spider b

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