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Tree Beaten By the River

Gorge Entrance at Rio Viejo, Costa Rica

Hummingbird at the Spring

Walk Down Rio Viejo

Striped Butterfly in Puriscal

Orange Spring, Rio Viejo

Rio Viejo - River Plants

Coffee Beans Processing

Cliff Flowers in Puriscal

Tree Arrangement

June Sunset in Puriscal

Red Flowering Plant in Fruit Orchard

Small Yellow and Black Fuzzy Caterpillar

Rio Viejo Waterfall in Puriscal

Moonset Deep Blue Sky

Walking Iris Blossom

Monkey Sighting on Property

Blue Hour Moonrise

Vine Shaped Tree

Mysterious Insect Egg Nest

Parallel Rock Tree

Moonset Closeup

Rio Viejo - Gorge Wall Color

Flowering Tree Season Begins 2015

Leguminous Plant in Puriscal

Hairy Cocoon Protection