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What are the vultures up to?

Puriscal Yearly Rainfall and the Greater Grison

Neighbor Cows

Lending a Hand - Juvenile Opossum

Lowland Paca, Tepezcuintle in Puriscal

Cacao Mice in Puriscal

More Cows in Puriscal

Donkeys in Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica

Juvenile Opossum in Puriscal

Kinkajou Eating Pineapple in Puriscal

Opossum with Baby in Puriscal

Kinkajou in Puriscal

Baby Porcupine or What?

Baby - Mexican Hairy Dwarf Porcupine

Northern Ghost Bat Video

Northern Ghost Bats in Puriscal

Northern Ghost Bat


Bird and Animal Tracks at Rio Viejo, Puriscal

Land Crab in Puriscal