Cacao Mice

costa rica mouse
costa rica mouse
Earlier this month the cacao trees produced for the first time. One tree in particular made the most pods. There were about a dozen in total. I perfected the fermentation and roasting process and it made the seeds a lot easier to shell. I spent several days on the patio cracking the shells off the seeds and throwing the waste in the dirt. Once I was done with that process I noticed Spencer was doing his hunting stare at the end of his leash in the late afternoons. He was looking at the area I left the cacao waste. I began looking at what he was looking at and saw two mice were sneaking up to consume the cacao waste. They spent several days visiting the spot and I took these pictures from inside the house at my computer desk. I think they are very cute! I was a little surprised they could eat the waste and wondered how much of the seeds they actually ate because the processed seeds are incredibly potent and I can only eat a small amount at one time.


I wonder if they eat themselves to death. In Germany, the deer consumed too much of the rapeseed used for canola oil and simply died from overeating. The flowers are a gorgeous yellow. Since you mentioned the seeds being very potent, I wondered what effects it had on the mice.
SRD said…
I wonder the same thing!