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Puriscal Church Street Vendor

Puriscal Mall Market Remodel

Puriscal Gas Station Redo

Change of Scenery in Puriscal

Guanacaste Tree at Rio Viejo

Cattle Herd Neighbors


Madero Negro

Vultures flying by

Rio Coco from Above

Daybreak Puriscal

Kapok Tree

Roble de Sabana

Costa Rica Countryside View

Morning Glory in Puriscal

Butterfly Quote

Moon and Branches in Puriscal

Donkeys in Santiago de Puriscal, Costa Rica

Summer Leaves in Costa Rica

Daybreak Valley View

Scented Vine Flower

Shadow Play on Tree

Rio Viejo Waterfall in Puriscal

Moonset through Branches

Inca Dove Nest

Flowers Blooming over Rio Viejo in Puriscal