Puriscal Yearly Rainfall and the Greater Grison

Rio Viejo, Puriscal, Costa Rica
The rainfall report for 2021 is complete. This concludes ten years of records for our property in Puriscal. It rained 89.4 inches last year. More than two inches above the ten year average of 87.3 inches. Four months of 2021 had record amounts.

  • April had the most rainfall ever at 15.2 inches, the average for April is 8.3 inches.
  • May was the driest on record - 7.8 inches, the average is 11.9 inches.
  • August was the rainiest on record - 17.6 inches, the average is 10 inches.
  • November was the driest on record at 3 inches, the average is 7.1 inches.

Rain amounts in Costa Rica vary according to the micro climates. The rainfall last year felt just about right to me. Our property handled the water well, as did the rivers. The drinking spring continues to flow at a robust rate.

Puriscal, Costa Rica Yearly Rainfall

A couple of days ago, while I was drying off from a shower, I saw an animal walking through the back yard. At first I thought it was a tayra or pizote, but it looked different. I looked more closely and determined it was a Greater Grison. The last time I saw one was at the river in 2017. Unfortunately, all three times I have seen this rare animal I have not had a camera nearby.