Baby Porcupine or What?

bats eating bananas
I have been leaving food nightly for Baby, the orphaned porcupine I raised, since our last meeting in September, 2016. With the exception of four nights it was always eaten.  The four nights were missed shortly after our last meeting. And then, things began to change like only bananas were consumed, no other foods that she used to eat. No matter how much banana I left it was always gone in the morning. I began wondering if Baby had moved on and I was feeding something else. I needed to see what was happening so a few weeks ago I set up a trail camera. I was surprised to find bats eating the food. Bats! The videos showed them feeding for about 2.5 hours each night. It was interesting to watch the session begin very orderly and build into frenzies. The bats are currently being weaned from my offerings. I do enjoy giving a hand to the animals in the area and I might consider setting up a bird and/or animal feeding station outside of the garden.