Scenes from Santiago de Puriscal

white cow in the back of a pickup truck
Cow being transported in Puriscal.

Puriscal is largely an agricultural area and it is common to see animals being transported such as this cow. Many hog farms are in the area and I have never seen large quantities of pigs being transported. There was a pig slaughter facility nearby a clothing manufacturer I worked for in Los Angeles. I would see large trucks with so many pigs, but I never see that here. I should ask Mario about that, perhaps they slaughter the pigs at the farm and then transport the meat?

the letters PURIS being constructed along the road to Santiago de Puriscal

Santiago de Puriscal built a new landmark for the town. Here's a photo of it under construction. The letters PURIS light up at night. They also improved the sidewalk around the area. 

blue sky, old church and Mundo Puriscal as seen from a parking lot
Mundo Puriscal

I was surprised to see that a very old store that used to occupy this building is no more. The new owners remodeled the building. I haven't been inside yet. It looks like they sell a variety of things like food, decorations and household goods. I took this picture from the parking lot of Maxi Pali (Walmart). I thought Walmart would hurt the old existing business and apparently it did.