Patterned Moth, Egg Caterpillar, Chicken Update

moth on a lighter
John spotted this moth on the patio. He put a lighter on the ground next to it so he could locate it again after he left to ask me if I wanted to take a picture. When I got to the scene the moth had climbed up the lighter. Maybe he thought he was better camouflaged there than on the ground.

caterpillar with green eggs in middle of body
I found this curiosity in the vegetable garden. I have never seen a caterpillar with green eggs in the middle of its body. My best guess would be that some type of parasite laid the eggs there so when they hatch they can eat the host.

caterpillar with green eggs in middle of body
The chickens were moved into paddock #3 today. They now seem to get the hang of exploring new territory but like having the safety of the coop right there. I'm still feeding them snacks of beetles and coconut pulp. I gave them some cooked rice but they rejected it. They also don't seem to know that slugs are food. The hens like to forage in the paddocks and really like eating grass and other plants. So far, having chickens is working out as I hoped.