Chicken Paddock #4

Photographing chickens is really difficult. This is the best shot I could get, even though one is missing from the picture. This was taken the day they were released into paddock #4. They now get the hang of exploring the new paddocks and spend most of the day either foraging or resting in their safe enclosure. If you click on the picture it will display larger and you can see that the tip of their beaks have been cut. That is the only way the store we bought them from sells the hens. I have noticed that it is difficult for them to pick up small bugs and I imagine they can't do as good of a job preening as a bird with a full beak. Because this is my first chicken experience I decided to go with what is available. The good news is I won't have to worry about them pecking each other to death.

The October downpours have finally arrived. It has rained eight inches in the past four days. Our house is holding up well and keeps us dry. The changes in the river after rains like that are incredible. I'll have to make some time to go to the river without Spencer so I can look for new interesting rocks.