Puriscal Cigar Factory

View from Puriscal Cigar Factory parking lot
I'm going to switch gears for a few days to share some photos of the little town we call home, Santiago de Puriscal. The first photo was taken from the parking lot of the cigar factory. It's located just outside the center of town. If you follow the road, down on the right the two steeples of the old church can be seen.

Puriscal Cigar Factory Mural
This picture is of the very faded mural painted on the cigar factory's giant warehouse. It shows a man rolling cigars and some tools of the trade including a box of cigars with "Churchill" written all over it. I know next to nothing about cigars and for the longest time wondered if this was a tribute to a long ago visit by Winston Churchill. I have since learned that Churchill refers to the size of the cigar.