Spencer and Kitty Update

dog at the river

Spencer and Kitty still aren't best of friends. Kitty is trying her best to make friends with Spencer. She tried to come inside the house one time, but Spencer quickly said NO to that. She understands the limits of the rope when he is tied up. One time she overreached the limit and he quickly charged her. That was when I realized he would probably kill her given the chance. Spencer still enjoys walks with me, however he would like it better if I took him into the galeron to look for Kitty. Meanwhile, Kitty enjoys going with me for early morning photography expeditions around the galeron and fruit orchard. She helps by occasionally attacking the tripod legs and climbing any tree I spend a lot of time around looking for things to shoot. I do find it amusing to watch her. I did have a little scare recently when I saw Kitty in the distance with a large spot of bright red near her neck. I thought the worst as I approached her thinking she had a bad wound. The closer I got I could see someone had put a red collar on her! Apparently someone in the neighborhood thinks Kitty belongs to them. I immediately took the collar off. Ultimately, I will let Kitty decide where she wants to live and for now it seems to be here with us.

cat in tree