Moving In and Moving On

Puriscal new house construction
We have, at long, long last, finally moved into our new house. We have been busy moving our belongings into the new house and finding the right spot to place things. I have spent many, many hours cleaning the tile floors and even scrubbing the grout to get all of the construction grit out. It looks really nice now and both of us are happy to be in a much healthier environment. Spencer moved up in the world and now sleeps inside with us. He's happy about that, however there is a small power struggle going on between Roxy and Spencer to see if because of the new living quarters, possibly there could be a change of pack status between the dogs.

Dog and puppies
Speaking of dogs, we took mama doggie and her two puppies to the veterinarian so they can be adopted into permanent homes. Beforehand, I was discussing with John how much we should give the vet to cover her expenses. When we dropped off the dogs it was apparent that the vet has made the adoption service part of her business. We ended up paying more than I expected for her to care for and adopt out the dogs. We were back in her office one week later and one of the puppies had been adopted and someone was interested in mama. I wish all the best for those dogs.