Furniture is here!

The custom made furniture finally arrived! It is so lovely. Actually a work of art. The craftsmanship is at a very high level. We are extremely pleased with our purchases. Here's a picture of the table and four chairs.

The bench goes with the table so that it can seat six, however it's usually just the two of us so until many quests arrive we are using the bench in the entry way/shoe changing area. We also got a bed, mattress and two night stands. I am so happy to finally, after three years, be rid of the air mattress.

The coconut butter experiments didn't turn out as hoped. I need a more powerful blender. I tried to make it in both the blender and food processor and after two hours of blending gave up. I tried two mixtures, one with coconut and ghee and the other with coconut and grape seed oil. Even though the texture was nothing like butter both were still very delicious. I have been adding the blends to our meals or simply eating them straight out of the container.