Buddha Head

Every time I go down to the river I pay homage to the rock I named Buddha Head. From a distance this huge round rock, which is about seven feet tall, appears to have facial features. I like to think he’s watching over me during my river excursions. Can you see Buddha Head in this picture? It’s the round rock in the distance in the center of the photo.

I am always amazed to see the rock in the exact same position after the river crests from a heavy rain storm. When the river is at its highest it can go more than 20 feet over this rock, often carrying other boulders and fallen trees. I really don’t understand how this rock has remained in place all this time. I hope he continues to hang around for many more years to come.

We’re still waiting for our custom made furniture to arrive. The furniture maker contacted me after the earthquake and said there was some damage in his shop and that delivery would be delayed. I’m hopeful it will arrive in the next few weeks. One can never have enough patience here in Costa Rica.


I could be projecting but he looks a little grumpy to me. Maybe you could leave him some milk and honey? Make a crown of pretty flowers? lol