Falcon in the House

It looked like rain was coming soon so I went outside our front door to check if leaves were blocking the gutter downspout. As I inspected the downspout, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something large fly through the front door and into our house. I thought it was a dove or pigeon.  I was super surprised to see a Laughing Falcon perched on a steel beam in our bedroom. 

During the day we keep all three sliding glass doors fully open. When I realized a bird had flown into our house, I thought it had continued on and flown out one of the open sliding glass doors because there was very little noise. The bird didn’t slam into the glass above the sliding doors. It seemed to have realized immediately that it was inside something and needed to find a way out. Every so often he would fly up and carefully flutter around the window, looking for the way out and then rest on the steel beam. The panicked bird had no way of knowing that out was merely six inches below him, through the open sliding door.  

John grabbed Roxy and handed her to me. I held Roxy for a little while before she began squirming too much, wanting to get the bird, so I had to close her in the laundry room. Spencer was barking up a storm, he couldn’t believe how good the hunting was inside the house, fortunately his leash contained him so he wasn’t much of a problem. The dogs were in order, now what to do about this majestic bird?

John got a plastic rake and tried to usher the bird down those measly six inches to freedom, but it didn’t work. Next he came back with a broom and a piece of closely netted plastic shade cloth to throw over the bird. I didn’t think the plastic cloth was a good idea and suggested a towel instead. John tried to get a towel over the bird but still no luck. We bounce around a few other ideas and then John left again to retrieve something else. He returned with the long thick leather gloves we use when handling barb wire. 

Laughing Falcon inside house
Now armed with gloves and sunglasses, John is ready to catch the bird. He tried a few times until he was able to grab him with wings closed and then released him out the sliding door. The bird flew off into the grove of large bamboo, just below our house. There have been a few small birds that have flown into our house through the sliding glass doors but never anything as exciting as this through the front door!