Reverse Sunset

The way our property is situated we can’t see the sunset in the evening but sometimes, if conditions are right, the clouds become brilliantly colored in the east. I call this a reverse sunset. Just the other day the colors were abnormally beautiful so I ran for the camera to capture the moment. It didn’t last long so I am happy to have gotten a few photos.

A few days ago Roxy joined Spencer and I for our morning walk across the river. She hasn’t gone with us for many, many months. I don’t let Spencer run around on the property off leash any more but made an exception when Roxy joined us. I hoped for the best because I didn’t have any chicken in my pocket to lure him back. Both of them were excited to run up to our neighbor’s gate where we paused for a moment before I clipped Spencer back on his leash for the decent back home. Roxy has been a little more spunky than usual. I think the bad teeth in her mouth were wearing her down and she’s feeling better now that they are gone.

Still no contact from the furniture maker. I am glad we met him in person and saw his factory, otherwise by now I would start to worry that he took our down payment and was having a nice vacation somewhere.