More Stray Dogs - Part 2

Puriscal Valley View
“Maybe we should keep them.” I was surprised to hear those words come out of my husband’s mouth. Roxy and Spencer didn’t seem to mind that the two small dogs had made themselves comfortable on an old towel on the back porch. I had to let the idea of doubling our pack sink in. Of all of the potential new homes they visited during the past two weeks, it was obvious here was where they wanted to be.  Later that day John took Spencer on his afternoon walk. When they returned John announced “The owner of the dogs is here.” Wow, that was a surprise! The Tico saw John walking Spencer and asked if he had seen two Pinschers that he lost on Sunday (the dogs showed up at our place on Monday). We walked him around to the back porch and the dogs instantly recognized him and ran up to him. He called the girl Mimi. The man seemed very happy to have his dogs back. John told Mario what happened and Mario was suspicious of the man’s story. Mario stuck with his story that the dogs were dumped out of a car two weeks ago and have been wandering around ever since. We’ll never know the real story. Every time I get close to street dogs it makes me realize even more how healthy and clean our two dogs are. I wish the two Pinschers all the best!