The Shack is Gone!

Puriscal valley view
The worker's house was dismantled this week. They built their living quarters just before the old house was demolished so we never got to see exactly what the view would look like with the old house gone. It was an exciting day for me as I watched them take their shack down piece by piece. Our house is positioned farther back than the old house which gives us more space to enjoy the awesome view.
I worked with Mario and our work crew and planted bananas, pineapple, beans, squash and corn in the newly cleared area I blogged about last week. I also took several ornamental plants I had in pots and liberated them in this area. I go through the area daily to see what seeds are sprouting. Mario and his helpers transplanted a bunch of wild peanut plants in this area. This plant is an excellent nitrogen fixer and has deep roots to stabilize the soil. It also has pretty yellow flowers, doesn't grow tall, can be mowed and is an excellent ground cover.