Day of Agriculture in San Rafael, House Construction Update

small Costa Rica ox cart
John and I were invited to attend the "Day of Agriculture" at the elementary school where Mario's wife works. We weren't exactly sure what type of event this was. The invitation stated the time and date and was given to John with the comment "you must attend". Just after the event starts Rosa (Mario's wife) calls John at home and asks that he please come, now! They want to present us with a gift. The kitchen cabinet crew arrived at the same time so I opted to stay home in case they needed my help.

John reported that a nearby school band (drums and xylophones) arrived via bus and played songs and food was served. It seemed to be some type of appreciation event. John was presented with a gift of a miniature version of a colorfully painted ox cart. We have donated items to the school on many occasions, but not much this year so this was a surprise to us.

We continue to wait patiently for our house to be finished. Not much work has been done in the past two weeks. The tile guy came and fixed some tiles that didn't adhere correctly. A local wood worker came and disassembled the interior wood walls and took them to his shop to be finished. The most exciting thing to happen was on Friday when the kitchen cabinet crew came and began installation of the cabinets.I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that the color I picked for the cabinets works well with the rest of the interior of the house. I'll post a picture when they are finished with the installation.