Fuzzy Hairdo Caterpillar

Fuzzy Hairdo Caterpillar
The unusual critter sightings continue. I had to do a double take on this fuzzy guy. At first I wasn't sure it was alive, but upon closer inspection I saw it move and watched it eat a leaf from the hibiscus plant.

Fuzzy Hairdo Caterpillar
The perfectly placed hair was so thick I couldn't see the body of the caterpillar. The hairdo reminds me of the bouffants of the 60's, or even the big hair from the 80's. The hairy creature was about two inches long.


Anonymous said…
I just found this in Atenas. It is in a jar cocooning now...can't wait to see what it tirns into
SRD said…
How cool! I'm also curious what the transformation looks like.