pizote in tree
The walk yesterday morning was very exciting. Roxy, our small dog, came along with me and Spencer. We walked all the way out to the end of the property where Roxy found a pizote and chased it up a tree. Pizotes are very common here, but I have never photographed one. This pizote ran up a tree that was a dead end. She perched herself as high as she could go and proceeded to tell us to go away! Can you see the long, sharp claws on this animal? That is one of the reasons why Spencer is not allowed to go off leash on the property. I used to let him do that but he came back one too many times with cuts. So, you can imagine Spencer on his leash, clipped to my hip, going crazy, wanting to get the animal as I try my best to get a good photo. This was the best shot. After I got it I ushered the dogs away to leave the animal in peace.