Roxy the Interior Decorator

cute small black and white dog
Yesterday I put on my water shoes and Spencer and I crossed the river and walked to the big spring. It's been nearly two months since I was at the spring. The high river in the rainy season prevented me from accessing the other side of the river. The spring area was lovely as usual. I spent a few moments listening to the spring feed creek gurgle down the hill side and into the river below. Roxy chose not to go on the morning walk. Instead she stayed home and practiced her interior decorating skills. I keep a small floor rug inside the front and back doors. She thinks they are hers to do as she pleases. Instead of the rug being flat on the floor she prefers that they are made into the perfect bed with the crucial part being the pillow area to keep her head raised and in the best position to watch her surroundings. She sure is cute!