Organic vegetables in Puriscal?

I saw the sign on the vegetable cart and couldn't believe that someone was actually selling organic produce in Puriscal. On one of my photo walks I saw the vendor and asked him if the vegetables he sells are organic, like the sign says. He couldn't understand my Spanish. Another person was nearby and told him I was asking about organic produce. He still seemed to not understand the word "organicas" and the other person said something else to the vendor and then it dawned on him I wanted to buy organic produce. Suddenly everything in his cart was organic. Really? I see this guy at the farmer's market every Saturday where he fills up his cart from a vendor there. The only organic produce I see for sale is cabbage, pretty much everything else is grown with chemicals. Some people believe the lettuce that is grown hydroponically is organic, but I really doubt the fertilizer they give the plants is indeed organic. I wish more organic produce was available in town but it isn't and that motivates me to continue growing my own.


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