Looking at Property and local Birds

Earlier this week we looked at 16 acres of raw land for sale near Ciudad Colon. Our landlords are selling the property. We drove as far as the road would take us and then had to walk through many other people's yards and properties to reach the land. The good things about this property were its location, altitude, large trees, water and views. Accessing the property would require substantial road improvements. As it is now its accessible by foot or horse. We agreed that repairing the road and building on the property would probably be a bigger project than we are willing to take on.

Fresh eggs are included in our rent. A few times a week we walk down to the landlord's house to retrieve them. The road down the hill is steep, covered with gravel and paved with bricks in some areas. I walk slowly and watch my feet so I don't fall, or step on a snake (unlikely but I keep watch). Earlier this week during the walk down I saw a large black bird in the road about 30 feet from me. It saw me but didn't seem frightened and made no attempt to move. I walked closer to get a better look and saw that it was a vulture. I ran back up to the house, got the camera and took a few photos. After I photographed him I saw how freaky looking this bird is. It kind of gave me the creeps. I was determined to get the eggs and made my way down the hill as the bird merely stepped aside so I could pass.

A pair of Rufous-naped Werns decided to build a nest under the eve of our house. They have been working on it for about a week. The nest is being constructed out of long pieces of dried grass and vegetation, insulation from who knows where and pieces of a cotton mop used to clean the floor. I look forward to seeing the chicks.

A few weeks ago we began hearing the melodious call of the national bird, the Clay-colored Robin. They look similar to the Robins in Seattle but without the red breast. I read that hearing their call signals the beginning of the rainy season and sure enough this week we received a good afternoon rain. This was the second rain since we moved here. The rain drops were huge and loud against the metal roof of our house.

This morning the parrots visited the tree next to our house. The tree has a seed that is ready for eating. The squirrels are up there every morning eating the same seeds and dropping the waste on our roof... clunk...clunk...ding... I tried to get a picture of the parrots. They are difficult to see in the trees because they blend with the leaves. I could only see them in light that wasn't good for the camera. I will keep trying for a better picture.