House construction ideas, furniture, traffic laws

datura flowersWe've been able to slow down somewhat this week. The structural engineer and architect submitted their recommendations for the big house. The proposed ideas would make the house a stronger more stable structure. I think the result would be something we would enjoy living in. We will review carefully and consider the options.

Costa Rica insectI'm still plotting the furniture and shelving to acquire for the cabina. We went to many furniture stores looking for a futon. It appears they are not very popular here. We only found one futon. It was inexpensive but not well made. The furniture stores we went to sell sofas that fold into beds. They're not like the typical sofa bed where the mattress pulls out from under the cushions. These sofas are constructed in a way that the entire structure folds into a bed. They were stylish and practical, but on the expensive side.

yellow flowersNew traffic laws go into affect near the end of September. Costa Rica is adopting a point system. All drivers start with 50 points and points are deducted for infractions, many of which are new laws. I think some of the new laws are fantastic! One example is to yield to pedestrians that are crossing at an intersection. Another is not to tailgate or make U turns on the freeway. Driving without a valid tourist visa or a Costa Rica driver's license will result in a severe penalty. Our visa expired 90 days after we arrived but we are able to stay in the country because of the status of our residency application. It looks like we will be taking a trip to Panama soon in order to renew our visa and then apply for the Costa Rica driver's license. The warm, sunny beach of Bocas del Toro seems a likely place for us to go.