One Year in Costa Rica

Costa Rica OrchidIt has been one year since we arrived in Costa Rica. I think we have done a great job of settling into our adopted country. We have been fortunate to meet the right people that have helped us along the way. The property we acquired and all of the work done to date has gone way beyond what I thought we would be able to accomplish in this time period. I feel blessed and lucky.

The other day we drove to the nearby town of Floralia. From there we get an awesome view oPuriscal forested hillsidef our property. The photo next to this paragraph was taken from Floralia and shows the mountain side that is currently under our care and protection. Today we walked on several of the new trails on our property. The small crew working for us has cleared trails through old cattle pasture and along stream beds from springs. The amount of large trees on our property is incredible! I look forward to spending more quite time in these areas.

Costa Rica butterflyChristmas in Costa Rica sure doesn’t feel like Christmas time. Maybe it’s because we don’t watch TV or spend much time in San Jose where I am sure the message to shop and consume is being broadcast. I noticed lights strung up on a tree in front of the church and some homes have artificial trees decorated and placed on their front porch. Something we have found funny is the large presence of Frosty the Snowman in our neighborhood. It seems every other house that decorated for Christmas has a Frosty in their front yard. Strange for a place where it is 80 degrees and never snows. I’m sure most of the people living here have never seen snow.

I wish all of my friends and family a safe and wonderful Christmas!

The first photo is of an orchid plant that was found on our property. One of the workers noticed a fallen moss covered tree branch on the ground and brought it to me. On the small branch is the orchid, which has about 100 small, delicate flowers now in bloom along with a tiny cactus plant and a few air ferns. The second photo is of our property and the last photo is one I took of a butterfly.