Water Leak, Construction Update, Property Exploration

orange butterflyThe rainy season continues in Costa Rica. We discovered that when it downpours our cabina leaks up from the floor. During one long hard rain we squeezed wet rags for six hours before giving up and going to sleep. We awoke in the morning to more water on the floor. We called the work crew back and came up with a better drainage solution all along the back of the stables and our little cabina. The new solution is finished and has been tested through several downpours, with no water in our cabina!

The crew is now installing the septic system at the end of the stables to be used for the guest quarters. I have been busy working on the layout for the guest area, which seems a whole lot easier than working on the plans for our house. Speaking of house plans, we continue to work with the new architect and are happy with the initial plans and new location for the house. I’m hopeful that we will be able to start construction during the dry season.

Spencer the dog is still with us and slowly gaining some weight. I talked with the vet about his desire to roam and learned that she has a dog that she lets roam also. Some dogs just like to have their independence. Good for me, I don’t have to take him on as many walks, but I still worry about what kind of trouble he might get into.

Rio Viejo, Puriscal Costa RicaI continue walking down to the river just about every morning. The large tree that fell when I was there is now gone. It took two powerful rains for the river to be able to take it away. Unfortunately, it also took several trees on the other side of the river. The good news about that is we have a better view of the river from the house area (marked in the red circle in this picture), bad news is this could lead to erosion. Before the work crew is complete with this round of work we will have them spend a day planting trees by the river.