Ingenious Creations and House Construction Update

paint can weight set
Every weekend, when the construction crew goes home, I walk through the building site and take photos. A few weeks ago I noticed a weight set made out of empty paint cans filled with concrete. I think this is so ingenious! I have seen similar weight sets on driveways of some homes but was unsure if they were actually used for exercise. Now I know.

home made tool
Yesterday I saw this tool on the ground. I'm not sure what it is used for but it was obviously made with materials on hand, maybe to replace a handle that broke. The work crew seems happy to be working here. Once a week we deliver either something sweet I made or chicharrones purchased from town. They like the diversion from their rice and beans diet.

Puriscal house construction
This week the PVC ceiling was installed. It has a wood grain design on it and looks very nice. It should be able to hold up to the elements in the tropics, much better than a gypsum ceiling. We picked out tile for the house, the toilet and bathroom sinks. It was great to have our architect take us around to the various stores and to help guide us in our selections, especially the tile.