Our Doggies

Can you see Spencer's head? Just below the patio is a bunch of sandy dirt that Spencer enjoys laying in. I think he cools off that way. We didn't intend on this area being for the dogs, but that's how it turned out. What you don't see in this picture are a bunch of cinder blocks that were put about a meter away from the patio to keep the sandy dirt in place.

Costa Rica Dog
As it turns out the combination of sandy dirt and cinder blocks is great for lizards to hide in. Well, hide in until Spencer notices them. Now most of the cinder blocks have been rearranged by Spencer on his frantic hunting sessions. Needless to say we don't see many lizards near the patio any more.

Costa Rica black dog
Here's a shot of Roxy, hidden in the bush, as she watches over me while I was pulling weeds. She's such a sensitive dog and always needs to know where John and I are. She recently had another three teeth pulled out. Ouch! I think that must be the last of the rotten ones because she seems more energetic and has been enthusiastic about going on morning walks with Spencer and me.