Dogs, Roof and Eggs

pretty dog
Our friends in Ciudad Colon are in Mexico for two weeks. We are watching their dog while they are away. Cally is Roxy's old buddy so she is having a good time in her temporary surroundings. Cally is very old and moves slow so it is easy to keep an eye on her. She has taken a liking to Spencer's bed and prefers to sleep in it over her own. We put Spencer's outdoor blanket inside at night so he doesn't have to sleep on the floor. Speaking of Spencer, the other day he came back from his afternoon walk with a cut in one of the pads of his foot. I haven't taken him for a walk for a few days while this heals. He will be OK but we are keeping a close eye on him to be sure the wound doesn't become infected.

roof repair in Puriscal
We hired a contractor to fix the leaking roof above all of the old stables. After many attempts at repairing the many leaks we decided the best approach was to make the pitch of the roof steeper. The roof was originally installed with, what looks to me like, the minimum grade possible. Everyone agreed it needs to have more of a pitch in order to accommodate the tropical rains. They are working a section at at time, removing the roof, raising it in the back, painting the old steel structure and replacing the roof panels. I hope this works and all will be dry next rainy season.

three hens
I discovered that the first two eggs I found last week were actually from one hen. I was a day late finding the first one. Now two chickens are laying eggs and I am getting the "squat of respect" from three of them so I expect to get three eggs any day now. John and I are enjoying eating the fresh, raw egg yolks as quickly as they are laid.


Unknown said…
Nice. Hope the roof is doing well. We cannot let the damage on such roofing pass, since that will get in the way of its purpose of protection.

Ruben @ ARRoofing