Bones from Puriscal

animal bones
The cycles of life and death are very obvious in the tropics. A week doesn't go by that I don't smell an animal that has died and is decaying. Something I've found impressive about this climate is how quickly bones disintegrate. I first witnessed this by placing an Opossum skull on a rock near the trail where it was found. It lasted about three weeks before beginning to fall apart. I also watched a complete snake skeleton return back to the earth, leaving nothing behind. Nature is powerful here!

In the spirit of Halloween I wanted to share some of the bones that have been collected from the property.

Left to right - pelvis bone from an unidentified animal (the maroon splotch is paint), skull from what we think is a Paca, skull of a Collared Peccary (a gift from nearby property), a bull's tooth, Vulture skull, and in the front are jaw bones possibly from an Opossum. The second picture I took a long time ago of a small frog skeleton.

frog bones