Spencer and Pizotes

Costa Rica Dog
Spencer was with me when I took yesterday's photo. That shot was taken at the end of a long walk as we were heading back home. He was so patient, waiting calmly for the 15 minutes or so I was watching the rays of light move through the area. After the shoot was over we continued home. As we approached the drinking spring area he perked up and hunting mode was activated. He insisted on standing in the middle of the trail so he could look up a steep ravine. In the distance I could hear Mario weed whacking the trail. The sound of the machine most likely was disturbing animals in the area, but I didn't hear anything other than the machine and birds. I told Spencer I would stay here as long as he wanted as his reward for being patient while I took pictures earlier. More than five minutes passed, I could still only hear the weed whacker and birds, nothing else. Around the ten minute mark I finally heard a crash through the tree tops from a few pizotes. I couldn't believe how keen his senses were to know they were approaching us. Spencer couldn't contain himself when they were in sight and started to get a little crazy so I distracted him and nudged him to continue the trek home. I took this photo while he was in full animal alert mode.