Dragon Fire in Puriscal

Puriscal Dragon Fire
A few days ago I noticed a lot of smoke on the most distant mountain of our valley view. That evening flames were visible on one side of the mountain. The next evening the flames had reached the peak and were going down the other side. Local news reports the fire began on March 14th and as of yesterday it is now under control. Fire fighters had to walk six hours in extremely difficult terrain to reach the blaze. They report 65 hectares (160 acres) of virgin forest were devoured by the flames. Apparently the fire began by farmers burning their fields in preparation to plant bean seeds.

I learned that area is known as Dragon Hill, so I am calling this the Dragon Fire. Here's a photo of the flames and another of a lovely sunrise in the valley from last December. The fire was on the high, distant mountain peak, left of center. The wide angle lens distorts the view a little. The mountain peak is actually much larger and closer than it appears in the photo.

Puriscal, Costa Rica Sunrise