Puriscal Architecture Photos

New Puriscal house construction
Yesterday I shared photos of the new school so today I thought I would share more views of architecture in the area. The first photo is a newly constructed house that is on the road leading into town. I like the horizontal bars in front.
Puriscal Fiderpac
This building is relatively new. The website for Fiderpac loads incredibly slow and is painful to navigate. However, I think it is a type of credit union.
House in Santiago de Puriscal
 The next two photos are houses located in the center of Puriscal.
House in Santiago de Puriscal

Puriscal Centro
The last photo shows a business on the left and a residential house on the right.


Are the bars decorative or are they meant to protect the property?
SRD said…
I think they are mostly used for protection, but I read they are also for decoration.